a bridge between crypto world and real world

Hermes is a brand-new BEP20 utility token that helps to connect real world with cypro world. Explore the wide range of utility including Hermes palace, Lux Travel, Real Estate. click onto our menu and take a deep dive into lux olympus ecosystem.

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Migration from HERMES 1.0 to HERMES 2.0.
Deadline June 30, 2022.

To our beloved community, we are very excited to present you our ideas and we fully appreciate your trust on this Project. With the incorporation of important investors for the development of our products, their suggestions and requirements, we made a full reconstruction of the Project. For this reasons we created HERMES 2.0, its smart contract address on BSC is: 0x1c04a201B00eE83c0423f966A7b4577239648C5F

Please, use this bot to migrate your coins: https://t.me/luxOlympusTransferBot

Feel free to contact us if necessary: https://t.me/luxOlympusOfficial

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